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View A Sample Report

An effective inspection report is essential to understanding the results of a home inspection. The report must be readable and concise but not cumbersome or sensational.

We take pride in providing an easy-to-read report with photos explaining what we saw. The report is from 30 to 50 pages long and usually is sent to the client within 48 hours of the inspection. 

It’s important to know the role of your inspector in any real estate transaction. We are trained to identify visible defects in the home which could affect the value of the home or the safety of its occupants.

The inspection report is the key to understanding what the inspector saw and what he thought warranted further evaluation.

Every home has defects. Don’t lose a deal over nit-picky items and realize that the seller may not know there is an issue before listing their home.  Talk to your real estate agent, they will help you to understand how to negotiate a deal after receiving your report.

We are always available for questions after the inspection. Don’t hesitate to call us to explain something you may not understand.